The Bubble strip on your lightsaber.


The bubble strip on the original Lightsaber

The general consensus is that the part where the bubble are on the lightsaber handle the bubble strip would come from old Texas Instruments calculators. These are hard to obtain and fetch high prices on auction sites since they are highly sought after for lightsabers constructions.

Exactra Calculators


exactra 20 example

The flash gun has a mounting clamp in the middle that attached to a camera. To achieve the on screen look you have to slide into this clamp a Light Emitting Diode display bubble type lens that came from a vintage calculator.

The Following models had the appropriate number of bubbles tobe screen accurate:

Exactra 20

Exactra 19


These calculators were made by Texas Instruments.

You need to break the calculator appart in order to get to this part.


Bubble strip inside the Exactra 20

The Exactra 19


The Exactra 19


The bubble strip from the Exactra 19

The TI-2000


The TI-2000

TI-2000 Disp

Bubble strip from the TI-2000

Some people have reported that they have used a Mister wizard Calculator to get the bubbles that they needed. But it would require a lot of work to modify the strip to look right and would be innacurate to the screen used bubble strip.

Mister wizard

Mister wizard Calculator


Mister Wizard Bubble strip more than 7 bubbles

The bubble strip has to be set up this way.

Fan post on how to prepare the bubble strip for your Graflex